05/10/2016 18:30 Open Source Wednesday meets RSPET


This Wednesday we’ll have a look at RSPET, a PenTesting tool focused on post-exploitation and included in two security focused Linux Distros Repositories.

First we’ll have a look at what it is and how it works (an execution example). Then we’ll delve deeper, looking at it’s Source Code and it’s RESTful WebAPI. Finally, and if there is interest from the attendees, we’ll start developing a WebApp that will function as a frontend for RSPET and will utilize it’s RESTful WebAPI.

The presentations will be held by RSPET’s Author/Project Manager.


  • Bring a laptop
  • Have a working installation of Python2.7
  • We’re playing with PenTesting tools, you might want to setup virtual environments
  • Have a quick look at RSPET’s online documentation, although we’ll cover most of it
  • Stock up on excitement :slight_smile: