06/03/2017 19:00 Creating a text engine for adventure games in clojure


Hello friends,

This time we will start building a text engine for adventure games (with the fancy acronym: t.e.f.a). See it in action here:


The core engine is inspired from a similar game described in Land Of The Lisp and although it does not do much at the moment, we will see how we can extend it and add more interesting features as we continue working on it on our next meetups.

The session will be split in two parts. In the first one all the necessary material will be covered and in the second we will start building the engine. Working in pairs will be recommended for two reasons: Some people don’t have hardware, and some have limited programming experience.

As always, no prior experience in clojure, lisps and functional programming in general is required.
If you are unsure if this thing is for you, you should consider coming to see for yourself. In general, clojure changes the way you think, and for this reason only you should give it a go. Moreover, you are going to meet some cool people and have fun!

Over the next months, we will use the engine as a basis to explore the following concepts: polymorphism, concurrency, specs and schemas as well as frontend development using clojurescript.

If you have any requests, ideas or suggestions, please let me know or post it in the discussion forums.

See you in a week!
Best regards,

P.s. This video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HM1Zb3xmvMc