16/11/2016 18:30 10th Bitcoin Meetup


10th Bitcoin Meetup
Lambda Space, Ionos Dragoumi 29, Thessaloniki
Wed 16/11/2016

The agenda for the 10th meetup is (presentations are in Greek):
18.30 - 19.30 Introduction to Bitcoin for beginners (non-technical) — Kostas Karasavvas
19.30 - 19.45 Break (networking)
19.45 - 20.30 Bitcoin and alternative digital currencies: A user’s perspective — Androklis Polymenis
20.30 - 20.40 Break (networking)
20.40 - 21.20 Introduction to DASH — Kostas Karasavvas
21.20 - 21.40 Discussion / networking / end

The first presentation will be the same as in the last meetups so people with some experience may prefer to skip it and come directly for the later presentations (after 19.30). We always have new members so we need to do the introductory talk to help them join our community.
Following the introductory talk we have a demonstration of how to buy some bitcoins online, how to send bitcoins and even how to trade them for alternative coins. Then we will have an introduction to DASH, an alt-coin with a very interesting two-tier architecture and see how it compares with Bitcoin.
The environment is casual and there will be plenty of opportunities to learn and more importantly get to know each other.
Hope to see you there!
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