18/07/2016 20:00 Diversity & Inclusion - Fedora Women Day 2016



The goal of this event is to connect with women teams across open source projects in order to share insights, experiences and ideas on how to approach the Diversity and Inclusion topic.

It’s really important to identify the issues/problems that don’t let us being diverse when it comes to participation in tech groups.

The event’s outcome will be a list of identified issues, insights and proposed solutions.
The nice thing about this event is that we will engage a diverse set of individuals and groups from Fedora, TechMinistry (local hackerspace), SheSharp (women in tech team) and individuals who will join us!

Location & Schedule

Date: 18 July 2016 20:00
Location: [TechMinistry] (https://goo.gl/maps/peQLPXiqiC22)


* Fedora Greece


  • Introduction - event details
  • Team introductions
  • What is Diversity for you
  • What is Inclusion for you
  • Identify issues that hold you off from having diversity in tech
  • How do you approach this topic
  • Propose solutions