3/4/2018 19:00 Blockchain & Community Building Pairing by Holochain


Join Holo’s Director of Communications, Matt Schutte, as he talks about how the post-blockchain technology, Holochain, can revolutionize how humans collaborate and create community.

From networks to ecosystems
Matthew will share lessons from Nature on what it takes to thrive in a complex world. As humans, we think we are pretty clever. We’ve invented complicated systems of organization including capital markets, corporations and global supply chains. Yet, it is obvious that we are pushing up against the limits of these systems’ ability to sense and steer in an increasingly complex world. Big organizations, with staff in the tens or hundreds of thousands tend to be particularly bad at adapting to a world that is changing ever more quickly. At the same time, Natural systems demonstrate some very different and more effective patterns that have been fine-tuned to learn and adapt over billions of years of trial and error. Today, Matthew and his community are working to change the ways in which humans can coordinate by changing the ways in which we can communicate. They are building new ways of doing digital communication that much more closely mimic the thriving patterns of Natural living systems.

Matthew works on Holochain, a new way of building and running applications that puts people in control of their digital lives. Holochain enables a new pattern of communication that empowers individuals, fosters trust and helps build thriving communities. Relative to alternative approaches such as Blockchain, Holochain applications are faster, more scalable and 10,000 times more efficient. Matthew is a graduate of UC Berkeley School of Law and sometimes surfs 50 foot waves at the world famous Mavericks near his home in San Francisco.