30/01/2016 12:00-14:00 Intro to MozVR and A-Frame


Introduction to MozVR and A-Frame.

We are going to check the status of MozVR with all its latest developments and then we will start exploring A-Frame.
A-Frame will help us bring WebVR into our browser which means in almost every device.

The Google Cardboards that are available in hackerspace will also help us to have a complete VR experience.

Don’t forget to bring your laptop since it’s going to be an interactive workshop.


Today, during the workshop we had the opportunity to explore the A-frame framework for Web Virtual Reality and work on some basic examples.

You can find the source code of the examples along with the necessary documentation in the relevant github repo.

On of the most cool examples though was the 360 degrees representation of the hackerspace. We captured a 360 view of the space using an mobile phone and then we used the a-sky primitive to present that view in a webpage.
The result is simply amazing, especially if you are viewing it from a mobile phone, since you can navigate through the 360 view by rotating your phone.

Stay tuned because we want to repeat that workshop again.
See you next time!