Artificial Intelligence


W.L. artificial intelligence/machine learning project

The W.L. project is was conceived in Thessaloniki’s Hackerspace by two of it’s members. It is an effort to create a modern Artificial Intelligence algorithm that is both effective (including traditional Artificial Intelligence methodology) and modern by taking into account current state-of-the-art technologies and combining them to achieve a robust,fast and powerful system.
In addition to Artificial Intelligence, the team, driven by the modern technology trends is also attempting to incorporate Machine Learning capabilities into the system thus making it suitable for a wider array of uses and increasing it’s overall performance and capabilities.
The content of this project is openly available under the Creative Commons license,furthermore users are encouraged to use both code and algorithm participating and contributing to the open-source A.I. and Machine Learning family of projects.

Best regards from the team,

Alexandros Dorodoulis
Stamatis F. Dampoudis

Join the project

In order to get involved you can contact us through the following:

  • Send an email to techministry's mailing list with "W.L. artificial intelligence/machine learning project" as subject
  • Join Thechministry's irc channel #techministry at freenode